Supplementary Courses

Although 3e Training’s main courses will enable you to immediately operate in the commercial market, our advanced courses will be available to add new specialised skills to your portfolio.

Anti-surveillance and Counter surveillance course

Surveillance is conducted to in order to ‘gather effective evidence or information’. The reasons for requiring this evidence or information can be for a wide range of purposes. However sometimes it is for illegal purposes such as bribery, blackmail, robbery and burglary.  

This course is designed to teach techniques and methods to covertly identify any surveillance that may be deployed against them or an individual. Once we are able to identify surveillance we are now in an advantageous position to use this information for our benefit. Ideal for individuals who believe they may be at risk from surveillance and to those who are responsible for protecting these individuals:

  • High net worth individuals
  • Celebrities
  • Companies
  • Close protection officers
  • Security drivers/ executive chauffeurs
  • Further training for Surveillance Officers

CROP’s course – Close Reconnaissance Observation Post’s
(Rural and Urban)

A bespoke course designed to further enhance the surveillance officer’s skill set. This course teaches how to establish short & long term Observation Posts (OP’s) in both an urban and rural environment.

A highly intense course that requires a unique mind set and high personal standards due to its long hours and working environment.

However the skills learned enable the surveillance officer to ‘think outside the box’ and put themselves in a position probably otherwise thought of as ‘untenable’.This in turn will allow for successful results where other would fail.

London transport surveillance training

The majority of surveillance operations in the UK are conducted in London. Surveillance here is a unique experience and can be highly intensive. As a surveillance officer we must be fully prepared for scenarios and situations that we will encounter.

The London transport system is one of the most difficult systems in the world to conduct surveillance on. This course will teach students foot surveillance through central London as well as conducting covert surveillance through the complex transport system including its unique challenge of the underground system.

All of our instructors are highly trained officers who successfully operated on daily basis in andaround London.