7 day Surveillance Course

An all encompassing course, that has been designed to teach all aspects of surveillance tradecraft combined with realistic operational scenarios of the commercial market. The course will enable the students to effectively, safely and securely operate against any surveillance target. 

The course is highly intensive and incorporates theory lessons followed by extensive practice on the ground. It is, however, taught in an informal and friendly environment. 

All our instructors are former government officers who have extensive surveillance backgrounds and training, having operated to the highest echelons within the UK and abroad against a wide range of targets.

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Core skills covered

  • Surveillance fundamentals
  • Imagery and technical equipment
  • Surveillance and tactical driving
  • Principles of surveillance
  • 1 to 1 foot surveillance
  • Public transport surveillance
  • Radio equipment and voice procedure
  • Team foot surveillance
  • Anti surveillance
  • Operational planning
  • Map reading
  • Two day final exercise

Course details

  • Cost
    £1,600 +VAT (20%)
    £1,920 VAT included
  • Course size
    Eight to twelve people
  • Certified by Edexcel
  • Course requirements
    A basic level of fitness. Fluent English language. Pre-course learning.
  • Benefits
    3e will offer work to students who excel and their instruction will be continued by some of the best instructors in the world.  A no nonsense course that teaches exactly what you need to learn to work in the commercial market. 
  • Course dates
    Please call for available dates